The Potter Group will supply investment capital and management experience to small businesses whose expansion and growth require additional resources.

The group seeks to involve itself with a small number of select businesses whose market propositions are fundamentally sound, but which, for one reason or another, are underperforming. The Potter Group believes it possesses resources—including investable cash and management experience—that can turn around challenged businesses and accelerate growth in languishing businesses.

The Potter Group Approach to Business Success

Beyond the capital and business networking we bring to our businesses, we have a strong bias toward extremely disciplined planning and accountability. We are uncompromising on all matters of CASH—architecting the ramp toward positive cash flow; avoiding unnecessary overhead; sizing expenses to reasonably-achievable estimates of revenue. We have significant experience in strategic analysis, in all aspects of marketing (product, price, promotion, place), in sales, in contracting and administration, in financial management, and in raising capital and doing deals.